Berikut ini informasi Album Jazz, EP atau Single yang baru dirilis (Februari 2024)

Berikut ini informasi Album Jazz, EP atau Single yang baru dirilis (Februari 2024)

    • Ambrose Akinmusire – Owl Song (Nonesuch)
    • Anaïs Reno – At PizzaExpress Live – In London (PX Records)
    • Andrea Keller Trio Strings and Voices – Flicker and Polar Bird (Self-release/Bandcamp)
    • Billy Marrows and A Grande Familia – Penelope (Self-release/Bandcamp)
    • Chick Corea & Orchestra da Camera Della Sardegna – Sardinia (Candid)
    • Ethan Iverson – Technically Acceptable (Blue Note)
    • Gustavo Cortiñas – Live in Chicago (Desafío Candente Records)
    • Jasper Høiby’s Three Elements – Earthness (Edition Records)
    • Jim Rotondi – Finesse (Cellar Music Group)
    • Julia Werup – Dear Frances (Stunt)
    • Luiz Millan – Brazilian Match (Jazz Station Records )
    • Mamiko Watanabe: Being Guided By The Light(Jojo Records)
    • Mary Halvorson – Cloudward (Nonesuch)
    • Mike LeDonne – Wonderful (Cellar Music Group)
    • Paul Dunmall – Bright Light A Joyous Celebration (Discus Music)
    • Rodrigo Recabarren: Familia (Greenleaf Music)
    • Verneri Pohjola – Monkey Mind (Edition Records)
    • Lawrence FieldsTo The Surface (Rhythm ‘N’ Flow Record)
    • Bagarisha – Так нельзя (Can’t Do That)
    • Sanna Ruohoniemi – Let Everything Happen (Eclipse Music)

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